Umuwi ka na.

Last weekend at home after a 9-day stint in the west coast, and I still can’t believe it’s already Saturday. I’ll have a longer update later regarding the non-stop train of fun & family I’ve been on for the last week, but until then I do have one interesting revelation.

After speaking with my family and friends, I think I’ve come to the definite decision of going back to school for nursing. The big decision that is coming up next is whether to continue living in New York while I study or if I should return home or “umuwi ka na” to study.

I think I’m going to wait this one out until 2010.

One thought on “Umuwi ka na.

  1. If you’re going for your masters in nursing, there are prereqs class you’ll probably have to take before you can get in. But yay for that decision! From what people in nursing have told me, I think you have to apply a year in advance to get into the school…

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