Let me preface this by saying that I am still a bit “under the influence”, so please forgive any glaring grammatical or spelling errors that may occur in my following rant—

I spent the evening hanging with my lovely friend Col (as per the usual Friday night) and my cousins. The Kuyas, wonderful as they are, retired early so I decided to continue on with some sarcastic & somewhat intellectual banter with their friends until it was time for the Bowery to send us on our way, which really means that the bar was closing and those employed by the establishment were trying to get home, but most of all trying to send us to our humble abodes. We continued our presumed deep conversation on the corner of 4th & Bowery until I decided to bow out of the discussion of books & American society in order to return to the wonderful place that is my bed (I assume they continued on, but for how long, I will not guess).

My walk home, which under normal circumstances would be quite agreeable, was unpleasant to say the least. Suffice it to say—

I hate that because I have two x chromosomes, I need to be far more cautious when walking home in the early hours of the morning than those graced by one y. Tonight I am thankful for three things: my long-lost lesson from woman’s self-defense to always check behind me while walking, well-trafficked New York streets, & the graciousness and protectiveness of decent men who take the time to stop the harassment coming from those who force unwelcomed advances upon me.

Goodnight world. I’ll believe in you again in the morning. As for tonight, screw you.

2 thoughts on “Jeez.

  1. I’m pretty sure a guy walking alone on the streets of NYC at 5 in the AM will also look behind him every few minutes or so lol… but as for those douchies, the closest they’ll get to a hot woman like you is to cat call.. sad sad life for them, I know.

    Oh and I think you meant “preface”? ;)

  2. true… but being followed by guys on foot and in cars when my walk is only 15 minutes totally blows. and anyone who reads this, please don’t take that last statement as a sign of narcissism. it happened and has happened in the past and i guess i was much more scared by it last night than usual because my heart was still pounding by the time i was in my room, safe & secure in bed.

    and haha, yes preface. i did give warning!

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