Sometimes I wish I had a video camera following me around to capture the simple and silly nights with friends in which nothing but good old fashioned fun happens. I just replayed last night’s events in my head and I had to control myself from laughing out loud just thinking about the ridiculousness that is—Colena.

Because there’s no way I can ever describe in enough detail how completely special the two of us were last night, I’ll sum up instead. Let’s just say the night involved two bottles of wine, the song “Push It” and two rather tipsy ladies, dancing on a balcony at 1 in the morning pretending to audition for a strip club… and auditioning in the worse way possible.

Use your imagination with that one.

Best Colena conversation of the night:

“Wait, don’t you eat eggs in the morning? That’s dairy… why can’t you eat cheese?” – C
“There’s no dairy in eggs, Col.” – E
“Yes, there is… what are you talking about??” – C
“Eggs come from chickens not cows, crazy person.” – E
“Ohhh…” – C

One thought on “candid.

  1. I’m Colleen – the Col part of Colena. I will help your imagination – I’m talking straight up dirty dancing combined with the running man and straight up mooning. It was hot and weird. I think I broke my elbow trying to pole dance on my railing. Then we found out that we sing SWV’s “Weak” so well together after we fought over who could do Left Eye’s rap in “waterfalls” better… Ena won.

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