blue suede shoes.

I’m finishing up my second week at my new job.

It’s been fun but crazy, busy and kind of exhausting. There’s a lot of organizing that needs to be done at the new office and many names to memorize, both client and colleague alike. I have to say, I’m pretty excited for the coming 3-day weekend, though I’ll have to work a part of Saturday. The system that I work on is called ELVIS and I’m trying to think of all kinds of corny jokes to use when working on it. If it breaks… “Elvis has left the building”, if it’s back… “Elvis is not dead”… help me come up with more!

Things with the new guy are going well too. He’s incredibly sweet and absolutely hilarious and probably the most gentlemanly character I’ve ever met.

Going to California in a week and a half to see my beloved Tritones, old friends and to attend a wedding. So excited. Then as soon as I’m back in New York, I’ll be sent to Boston for work, then perhaps Malta in July or August. If that happens, my new work best friend and I are going to take a road trip from Malta and up through Italy. That would be amazing. Maybe I’ll even be able to stop in Pescara and see the “big rock” my special friend keeps telling me about. Oh and I’ve also booked my flights to the Philippines this December.

Summation: Great new job. Amazing new friends. Lovely new guy. California. Boston. Philippines.

Why am I so lucky?

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