crap in a box.

I am currently at the reception desk answering phone calls, ordering messengers, filling out FedEx forms and generally screwing around on the computer since I can’t do anything that’s in my actual job description from the seat I am sitting in. I will be here all Monday and any and all subsequent Mondays that I will have working at my current company.

Can I just say— this blows.

With the recession, ________ is trying to cut back on as much cost as possible and apparently a full-time receptionist is just too costly. So now our current receptionist has been forced into part-time work leaving other people in the office to cover Mondays and Fridays. Guess who gets to cover reception on Mondays? Gah. Bleh. Grr.

Yes, this situation calls for 3 different types of frustrated noises.

2 thoughts on “crap in a box.

  1. damn…that just sucks. It’s better than being jobless though? (haha, just trying to find the silver lining :-D)

  2. Don’t worry, you’ll be in Paris on Monday in two weeks:D:D I’m counting down the days, lots and lots of stories and in need of lots and lots of advice!!xoxox

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