Midtown Living.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this already, but I’m pretty much living in Midtown now.

My aunt’s dog passed away and after the tragedy that already happened to our family, it just seemed to be the best decision for me. And I have to admit that though I miss living with Lara and my tiny little studio in the East Village, I absolutely love living with my aunt.

I still walk to and from work everyday (about 2 miles each way) and it’s still fairly easy to meet up with friends. My aunt and I stay up talking about her life, my life and the here’s and there’s of life in New York. She gives me great advice and is always a riot to hang out with. I still have yet to move most of my stuff from the East Village but I’ll probably start taking things over slowly in April and putting them in storage in the basement.

I also joined a gym! Lots of nice and fun people there as well. Time to get in shape. ♥

La visite de mon porc-épic était belle. Il a travaillé beacoup, mais nous avons eu un peu de temps à passer avec l’autre. En avril, nous allons le voir à nouveau.

Je ne peux pas attendre jusque’là.

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