coming together.

I arrived back from Los Angeles yesterday morning at 5am after a long red-eye flight sitting next to the most obnoxious man alive who couldn’t take no for an answer. You know that old MadTV skit with the guy saying, “Can I get cho numba, can I get cho numba, can I get cho numba?!” Imagine that… except I can’t walk away from the crazy person.

Los Angeles, despite the somber reason I was there, was nice and relaxing—after all it’s home. Sorry to all my friends in California who didn’t know I was coming. The flight was last minute and the time I had was limited as I was home for the funeral of my loving and well-remembered aunt. All of the relatives on my father’s side were there from all over the country and it was so nice to be around my tight-knit family, both immediate and extended.

The last week was really hard since it was the first time that a significant event occurred within my family while I was so far away… so being home and being surrounded by people who loved me, it was a relief to finally let go of all the emotion I had bottled up since learning of her passing a week ago.

And now I’m back in New York and back to the grind. It’s good to be back in the city—I’m really beginning to love this place—but I definitely miss being surrounded by the people who know me best.


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