un autre jour.

I’ve been a bit MIA these days, no?


Life, as of late, has been quite busy so I haven’t had the time to come on here and regularly add my dribble to the already cluttered world of the web. But… I can do a super quick run down on things:

  • Job – OK. Another salary cut may be in the works which means I can’t really afford to stay at this job, even though I love everyone, unless I take on a second job… which is probably going to happen.
  • Housing – Moving in with my aunt in May to save some money and wait until I can find an apartment to share with non-shady but fun and outgoing people.
  • Social – Same old thing, different day. Hanging out with friends and family. Meeting boys. Talking to boys. Getting tired of boys quickly. Still… it’s nice to live in the city that never sleeps since I meet new and interesting people every day. Now I just have to find a group of guy friends that I can drink beer, eat pizza and watch sports with.

That’s pretty much it. Counting down the days until a certain prickly friend visits and then another countdown to my trip to Paris.

Tonight, flying to La-La Land [aka Los Angeles]. Catch you later, kiddos.

2 thoughts on “un autre jour.

  1. yay for your coming back! Boo on the circumstances.

    You should add a little * to social. “And will not hit on me…unless ridiculously hot”

  2. Haha… I don’t need “ridiculously hot.” I just need them to NOT be “ridiculously stupid.”

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