Lent Promises.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday which marks the start of the forty days of Lent.

As I do annually, I’m giving up eating cheese which to be quite honest gets easier and easier to do as each year passes. I was seriously considering giving up smoking but I literally felt an anxiety attack approaching just thinking about not being able to smoke. This revealed to me two things—

  1. I really am addicted at this point. I used to always make excuses and tell people I can quit whenever I feel like it, but I know now that this is a serious problem and I need to quit as soon as possible since it will only become harder and harder to do so as I get older.
  2. I can’t quit cold turkey. The last time I tried, I had intense stomach pains and was such a terror to be around that I became extremely anti-social for nearly two weeks.

My solution to this dilemma is to slowly reduce the amount of cigarettes I consume throughout the forty days of Lent. I know it’s not giving something completely up, but I think God will forgive me… at least I’m trying right?

So one pack a week. Then hopefully one cigarette per day. And eventually by the end of Lent, no smokes at all.

One thing I do hope for is that if I’m successful in quitting, I don’t revert back to smoking. I once quit for an entire year and then some stressful event hit and I was back to putting waste products into my body.

Ok. No cheese. A pack a week. One full meal per day (except Sunday). And no meat on Fridays. Got it. Will it. Do it.

To change and to change for the better are two different things. – German Proverb

One thought on “Lent Promises.

  1. i’m giving up cheese too!!! I know i don’t love it as much as you do but i seriously feel like i’m gonna have such a hard time :( i know what you mean about repeating lent things though, I’m giving up popcorn again as well, and it’s not as bad as it was in the past :)

    Good luck with giving up smoking! :)

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