The last three weeks of my life have been so incredibly busy.

Two weeks ago, I was going out every night because Lara was out of town and being alone at home is creepy. The past week I’ve been traveling and going out almost every night because I have a friend visiting me. Work has been insanely busy—I’ve had to go in early several times in the last few weeks and I usually stay a bit later than the time I’m supposed to go home. I’ve had an average of 3 to 4 hours of sleep at night and haven’t had the time to eat the necessary amount of carbohydrates needed to sustain my more recent active lifestyle.

I decided to take care of myself today. Breakfast of yogurt and coffee, taking the time to have a real lunch of beef, broccoli and rice (instead of just yogurt), canceling out my chain-smoking habit, a full dinner—kimchee, marinated beef and rice noodles—and last of all (and probably most important) bed by 11pm.

So far I’ve succeeded in the first 3. I hope I’m not suddenly taken over by another bout of insomnia.

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