âmes sœurs

My weekend was marvelous.


I spent Saturday watching movies with two of my favorite cousins, Kuya Jay & Kuya Jeff. I finally watched Snatch (it’s amazing that I’ve never seen that movie until now), which more than lived up to my expectations. I also watched Wall-E for the first time and I have to admit there were times during the film that I held back tears—who would have thought a love story between two robots that say almost nothing would be that touching?

After a day of lounging on my cousins’ couch eating burgers and watching films, we headed out to pre-celebrate Kuya Jeff’s 30th birthday. photobooth-kuyasWe decided to take a photo booth picture (btw, worse photo booth ever. What ever happened to quality photo booths of the good ol’ days?) of just the cousins once we were a little less than sober. Ridiculousness ensued.

Unfortunately for me, I ended up drinking far too much and had to end the night relatively early with Kuya Jeff and Trisha walking me home (labs ♥).


Yesterday night was Kuya Jeff’s actual 30th birthday dinner party at Satsku (weird Japanese restaurant that didn’t seem to serve any real Japanese food… Kuya Jay and I ended up sneaking away for a bit and getting sandwiches at a deli down the street). Much fun was had and I saw a lot of people I haven’t seen since the new year.

Oh, and I learned some vulgar phrases in French! One apparently is pretty common and the other is supposedly so bad, I shouldn’t even say it (but I probably will eventually, haha).

Even though it was a Monday, I figured my cousin only turns 30 once so I had a few drinks and enjoyed myself. I was, however, able to hold my own this time around and ended up putting my two (definitely less than sober) cousins in a cab before walking myself home. All in all a very fun evening.


On an unrelated note, I received the sweetest package in the mail yesterday. A book written in French entitled âmes sœurs (soulmates or kindred spirits). It’s going to take me forever to read it… but I started on the first few pages at lunch today and it’s seems like a book I’ll like. I’m looking forward to finishing The Idiot so I can start on âmes sœurs.


Actually I have many things to look forward to… if only 2 weeks could fly by faster. ♥

2 thoughts on “âmes sœurs

  1. did *someone* send you that book? :) hehe. i want to get less than sober with you in nyc!!! :) hehe

  2. Haha, yes Ading, a very sweet friend sent me the book. It was quite nice of him.

    I want you to get less than sober with me in NYC, too! Or in SD… or in LA… or NorCal. I just want to SEE you—it’s already been half a year since we hung out!!! Craziness!

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