Weight Loss.

It seems like it’s a common subject these days, no?

I’ve lost weight. I have no idea how that happened when I pretty much gorged myself this holiday season with delicious Filipino food but somehow I’ve managed to lose enough inches off my waist so that everything I put on is too loose and looks a bit baggy on my frame (personally, I think this just makes me look bigger). What’s worse is that the clothes I’m wearing are dresses and pants that I had bought because of the initial weight that I lost when I came to New York. It’s funny because I don’t even notice the change unless I put on clothes. Otherwise, I pretty much still have my little belly (I’m not one of those blessed with a naturally flat stomach and I’m not going to kill myself at the gym trying to get one) and “curvy” frame.

Not that I’m complaining (okay, I guess I am complaining a little) because I definitely feel healthier and more energetic these days but with the economy as it is, bills and trying to save money for traveling and the possibility of moving in September (again), I really can’t afford to buy new clothes and I don’t feel like having all my pants taken in (I did however wash some pants that are dry clean only so that they would shrink a bit and that worked for the most part).

Today, I’m wearing a dress that fit snugly in December and now it just kind of… hangs. Ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss.

  1. Thanks Paul! I’m happy to be losing weight… that’s not the problem. It’s finding clothes in my closet that fit right.

    Watch a month from now I’m going to be complaining that I’ve gained weight. Haha.

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