my new love.

My fingers are sore from practicing for the last hour so I’m taking this opportunity to update and give my poor left hand a break.


Today in the mail I received a belated, but oh-so-lovely Christmas present from my parents and it’s put me in a rather ecstatic mood. When I was home for the holidays my parents (mainly my dad) overheard me wanting to pick up the guitar and they both encouraged me to make a go of it, so I asked if they could send my dad’s old (and rather beat up) acoustic to me but instead they bought me a new one! It’s not an amazing guitar, but it’s good for a beginner like me and I absolutely love it. I even cut my finger nails short on my left hand making it look even more boyish than it already did.

Have I ever said before what amazing parents I have? And people wonder why I’m spoiled…


4 thoughts on “my new love.

  1. Thanks Mariek! You’ll be able to hear me eventually (I have to build up my courage first, haha).

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