No love for Vista.

Seriously, I hate the dang OS. I don’t understand why it was even created.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like Windows… I grew up using a PC and only recently converted to Apple for my personal use, but I avoid Vista at all costs. Tonight I had a simple IT job for a friend of an acquaintance. It should have been an easy half hour gig: set up a new laptop to connect to a printer wirelessly through a pre-existing network & workgroup. The only problem is all the computers run on XP while the new laptop runs on Vista. No matter what patches I installed on the XP, changes I made to the firewalls on BOTH computers, network settings I looked at… the stupid computer that ran on Vista refused to detect the shared wireless printer. After two hours, I gave up. And now I have to go back on a later date to try again. Stupid, stupid Vista.

On a happier note I had an unexpected visit from Red today. I’ve never been so grateful.

Now for a glass of wine to calm my nerves, a hot shower to ease my achy joints and my comfy bed for some much needed rest.

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