Ram, bam, body slam!

I saw the film The Wrestler last night with the college boys and though I’m pretty sure he never actually said ‘Ram, bam, body slam’ I think he should have. The film was quite good, albeit sad, and it really made me feel for the character. I spent about 99% of the film feeling sorry for Randy and wondering how someone’s life could become so seemingly hopeless. Chris made a rather interesting point (which I still think he stole from a film blog) that the only thing ‘real’ in Randy’s life is the essentially fake world of wrestling… which for me just makes the entire film that much more depressing.

After we left the cinema, we stopped by d.b.a. for one quick drink to numb Steve’s injured foot before trying to make our way to Pianos. Unfortunately we couldn’t find it, so we ended up at Arlene’s Grocery, a bar I’ve never been to before. We had a few drinks and I ended up mimicking the bartender who was primping herself in a mirror right next to our table and sequentially getting caught by said bartender mid-mimic. I felt kind of bad though it was all in good fun, but the boys wanted food so we headed over to Crif Dogs for some taters & yummy sausages. After getting our fill of deliciousness, we went to McSwirleys—an Irish pub that’s existed since the Civil War—to have a few rounds (if you’ve never been, go… the beer is amazing and the history of the place is quite interesting) before going and getting pizza since the boys were hungry again. We ended the night of bar hopping at St. Mark’s Ale House, one of my frequent haunts.

I ended up going back to Brooklyn with the boys to watch Baby Momma at their place before falling a sleep at 6am, curled up in a sleeping bag on the very, very hard wood floor. As usual, I woke up at 8:30am with everyone still sleeping soundly, so I wrote a note, grabbed my things and took the first subway to my wonderful little apartment in Manhattan.

Seriously, my bed never looked so lovely.

Now for a day of studying French, resting up and trying not to miss certain people too much.

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