No One.

Cover of No One by Alicia Keys.

Sorry for the camera movement—I was balancing it on my piano so it shook every time I hit the keys… and ignore the background noise. I have a lovely but rather loud Filipino family. ♥

By the way, I make no claims of being a good singer (& I know I’m a horrible pianist)… I sing because music is comfort food for the soul & I was hungry on Saturday.

4 thoughts on “No One.

  1. thanks ate!

    & no… he was at first but he kept doing this stupid zoom thing so i fired him.

  2. omg you are so silly. you are one of the best singers i know!!! and your piano skills are great, esp since you play mostly by ear :)

  3. Haha… whatever Miss ‘no, not really I don’t sing well’ Michael (You do by the way. I’d take your even toned voice over someone like me who has to add flourishes to hide the mistakes in notes, haha).

    But thanks Ading! It was fun to play and sing again. Oh and my parents bought me a guitar so now I just have to learn how to play the dang thing!

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