Camera Woes.

My sister lost her camera… so christmas photos this year will only be from the hour I was at the party before everyone left. And I pretty much only took pictures of me and my cousins anyway. No photos of my arrival, the aunts and uncles, the kids, opening the presents. Boo… and no photos from our night out at Saddleranch…

At least I still have some pictures from this weekend at home on my camera.

Oh and I have this from my night of karaoke with Wilbear…

It was so much fun seeing him especially because the last time we hung out was in June just before I left for the Big Apple. I finally met Mike, his friend from high school that he’s told me about more times than I could count, and Abs and Sam came as well. Overall, it was a super fun night and I hope I don’t have to wait another 6 months until I can see my Kuya Wil again. ♥

Time for Mass. Long update when I’m back in NY. Au revoir!

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