christmas eve, eve.

Due to flight delays and bad winds I didn’t get into LA until midnight. I thought for sure that the party would have broken up by then with my extended family leaving for their prospective homes…

But when I got to my parents’ house at 12:20 (thanks to Sam’s crazy driving skills) everyone was still there! So even though I was super late, I was still able to spend at least some time with my lovely and hilarious cousins, aunts and uncles.

Also, the delay in my flight was quite bittersweet as it gave me more time to say goodbye to a dear friend yet less time with the fam bam.

Still… I felt really cared for today. And special. I really am quite the lucky girl.

This entry needs to be short since I left my laptop in NY and I’m doing this update on my phone. Not to mention the fact that it’s 4am in LA which translates to 7am in NY. I think it’s time for bed, don’t you?

Bonne nuit!

I wish I had a porc-épic in California.

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