all smiles.

I laughed out loud when I saw this—


I also had a very happy surprise this morning. Unexpected visits from dear friends always put a big ol’ cheeser on my face.

I’m going home in a little over a day. I’m really excited and I haven’t even packed yet! Christmas this year is going to be at my parents’ house so even though I’m going to be a bit late, at least I won’t be nearly as late as I would have been had the party been in Canyon Country. Sam’s picking me up so that Ate Lorie won’t have to leave the festivities and get lost on the way to the airport (just kidding, Ate! ♥). I also get to see James, Ang, Wilmar and Jono at some point during the week.

Food, family & friends and a house decorated in lights… who could ask for more?

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