I just awoke from the most unusual dream. Some of it has already faded [I’ve always had a difficult time remembering dreams] but I do remember the part that woke me up—

I am at my parents house and sitting on my bed. Someone has just left my room and forgot to close the door. I decide to clean and start with the window. When I get to the window I notice that the mesh screen is out of place. What’s also unusual is the layout of the window itself. Instead of opening horizontally like my window opens in Los Angeles, it opens vertically like my window in New York & there are two of them aligned next to & flush against each other. I try to readjust the mesh screen because I don’t want any insects to come in when I realize the the screen itself is broken as if a part of it has been pushed in from the frame. Just as I notice this, I look up & an unusually large insect is making its way into my room. It’s a neutral color and a mix between a praying mantis, spider and a large land crab—and big enough to engulf the majority of the window.

At this point in my dream, my perspective changes & I become a ‘third person’ in the room. I watch myself as my eyes grow wide & I’m about to scream.

That’s when I jolted awake.

Any dream analysts want to give it a go?

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