lovely weekend.

… but still tired.

The past week—especially the weekend—went by in a flash. Work has been intensely busy as of late what with the year coming to a close, all of the Holiday letters, cards and presents that we’re obligated to send out, the upcoming company party, the Sullerìa website I had to create from scratch ( and all of the regular work I normally do, I’ve been a bit swamped. Thankfully, today is a bit slower since I did my best to finish a bulk of the work last Friday. The website was the most daunting as I haven’t designed a website in a long while. Most people seem to be happy with it, and though I’m not, I’m just glad it’s no longer on my list of things to do.

Since arriving back from LA last Monday, I haven’t been sleeping much. Surprisingly I slept really well on Saturday night (most likely do to my lack of sleep during the rest of the week), but even so I barely slept last night so here I am sitting at my desk and waiting for the day to be over.

Ah, but I had a grand weekend. Mercury Lounge, cooking for friends, Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya at the Kuyas’ place, my first snow fall, video games, walks through the city, a lazy Sunday. Simply grand.

Central Park | 7 December 2008

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