Non-existent Hangover.

I keep waiting for it to happen. A heavy-night of drinking, followed by an early morning—I expect one and yet it never happens.

I will rue the day I wake up with a hangover. Everybody talks about how awful it feels and so now at 23, having never experienced one, I’m kind of hoping I never have to deal with it. I mean, it’s enough that my body never allows me to sleep past 8am if I’ve had a lot to drink (why body, why?!)—it would be nice if I can avoid the headache of a hangover forever… but maybe that’s asking for too much. Haha.

Last night was fun though (for the most part). I started off the night at 6pm with some coworkers at a happy hour. We went to our regular karaoke haunt which was empty as usual. It’s always nice to go there because (at least until 8pm) there are very few people in the bar that we have to split karaoke time with.

Oh, and I was so stupid to not have anything to eat last night. I was supposed to have dinner with my cousins, but they decided to stay in Brooklyn for din din so I decided to just wait until they came into the city to see them. Unfortunately, my alcohol consumption made me forget the lack of food in my belly (another reason why I was so abnormally blasted last night) and if it wasn’t for Elaine (co-worker) forcing me to eat a few bites off her plate (thank you!), I probably would have past out drunk on the street… not very classy, right? Haha.

I met up with my cousins around 10ish. I think… who knows at this point? They were their usual lovable selves. I honestly can’t remember if I said or did anything embarrassing in front of their friends. I really hope I didn’t, haha. They did save me though from an uncomfortable situation. It’s so nice to have Kuyas. And girl friends who have my back. But seriously, my Kuyas make me feel like this city isn’t such a big and scary place. It’s funny that I grew up not really knowing anything about them… and now I’m just thankful for having them in my life. They are some of the last decent guys on the planet and I’m happy to be related to them.

& now I kind of wish that I was waking up early from a Wilhouse party and waiting for everyone else to wake up so we could go and get pho. I miss Mira Mesa pho. I miss Wilbear and Ading and Ading’s Best Friend and Lon Bon and the Charlies and everyone that made San Diego feel like home.

I miss home… so sappy this morning, huh? Haha…

Now I just have to wait for my roommate to wake up and convince her to go and get breakfast with me.

One thought on “Non-existent Hangover.

  1. i miss you sooo much more, ate. i know you are having tons of fun over there so, so i’m fine sharing you (for NOW =P) come back to CA soon… everyone misses you. we will throw an Ena homecoming wilparty when you come back :)

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