vinyl baby.

I love records.

In part because I wish I was born in a 1940s musical where everything is technicolor, you can burst out into song in a moment’s notice & things are always wrapped up beautifully in the end—usually involving a dance number & the male protagonist sweeping the once disdainful female off her feet. Such a beautiful love.

But mainly, because I love jazz & blues … and nothing plays jazz & blues like a record player. Actually, everything sounds better on a record player. My favorite thing to do these days is lounge around in my bed with Michelle playing in the background. That wonderful sound of needle hitting vinyl has got to be in my top favorite sounds of the moment (the first being my nephews’ laughter).

So my point? I saw an image of a record sculpture on Boing Boing the other day and while I thought it was really cool, I couldn’t help but think … damn, what a waste of records. I dunno, maybe the point of the piece is a “sound” wave or vinyl striking back at our current technologies, but still—I’ll take listening over looking any day.

By Jean Shin. Currently on display at the Manhattan Museum of Arts and Design through February 15.

Speaking of music, a funny yet truthful comic was was posted on XKCD the other day. The site usually consists of comics that are way too techy or nerdy for me to understand, but this is one that I could really appreciate.

… too bad I’m an iTunes addict.

It’s now been 19 minutes since I woke up from what I thought would be a long and comfortable slumber. I’ve been having a lot of nightmares lately that wake me up in the middle of the night—it’s been days since I’ve had a restful night’s sleep. Oh well, back to tossing & turning.

Mahal na mahal kita. ♥

2 thoughts on “vinyl baby.

  1. i like the way records sound too :) And that sculpture looks cool, but i completely agree, what a waste…. OH YeA, sleep better, yea? Maybe go running or something? or watch a happy movie or read a happy book before you go to bed, so you’ll have happy thoughts in your brain before you sleep? :) hehe. MISS YOU!!!!

  2. Haha … I’ve been trying to sleep better but no success yet. Hm, running sounds like a good idea (but I run funny, haha). I wish I had a gym here.

    I do usually watch K-, J-, or T-Dramas online until I fall a sleep, but they get me so excited that I want to finish the series, haha. Miss you too!

    ** side note: Keep posting on your blog! I love hearing your thoughts again! <3 **

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