magic me this.

When I moved to New York, I made a very conscious decision to have a much different outlook on life than I have had in the past. I try to have a ‘glass-half-full’ type reaction to things and I always try to find the positive aspects in any given situation. It frustrates me that no matter which way I look at it, I cannot find any positive in this recent occurrence, or shall I say annoyance, that has not only pushed its way into my conscious waking thoughts but plagues me in my sleeping hours as well.

Since it’s been days since I’ve posted, I felt like I should correct that, but my head still hurts from all the stupid bullish I’ve heard about in recent days that I really don’t know what to say without contributing to the word vomit that spills out of the interwebs.

So I’ll leave you with this—

For all you freebie loving, bookworms out there, Kelly Link’s short story collection, Magic For Beginners is being placed online as a free Creative Commons download for a full year. Get this magnificent, weird, award-winning speculative fiction for free by clicking here.

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