[title of post]

Wowza, I’m clever.

Today (at least for another 4 minutes) is my big brother’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Kuya! I lurv you!!
[I am totally rocking the braceface in this picture. Deal with it.]

Tonight was uber fun. It was my brother’s golden birthday so I wanted to make it memorable. Dinner, a Broadway show and some souvenirs equals out to a lot of money spent but it was well worth it. I bought my brother most of the goodies since it was his special day and not mine, but I did come away with this:

[title of show] was amazing. Not only was it hilarious but it was actually a really inspiring story. I almost cried a few times (but stopped myself because I get all embarrassed when I cry). See the show. Buy the CD. I promise, you’ll love it. The show is set to close on October 12th (bad economic times = bad ticket sales) so don’t miss out on it. Get your butt in that seat and hopefully it’ll be enough to save the show from closing.

Anyway, a long day makes for a very tired Ena. So magandang gabi!

2 thoughts on “[title of post]

  1. ohhhhhhh that was the title OF the show

    omg hahahhahahhahaha

    [see the comment I left on your FB status]

    then procede to take the mickey outta me ROFL

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