Mom's Ben & Jerry's

A post from Perez Hilton‘s website:

This Is Not A Joke

We wish it was a joke!

PETA wants Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to start using HUMAN BREAST MILK for their ice cream instead of cow milk!!!


Wait, wait. There’s more!

This is in the wake of a Swiss restaurant owner’s decision to start purchasing breast milk from nursing mothers for use in their dairy products.

Has he solicited Jamie Lynn Spears for help?

PETA is serious, though, claiming that it makes more sense to use milk intended for human babies instead of milk intended for cow babies. They say that the use of human milk will decrease the suffering of dairy cows.

Okay, we know that PETA is a little, shall we say, passionate, but um…have they heard of soy milk? Human breast milk is just a tad bit extreme!

Don’t ya think????

I’m all for animal rights, but this is just gross. The thought of drinking, much less eating another woman’s breast milk makes my stomach curl.

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