a girl could dream

I need a new cellphone. My Blackberry Pearl has been looking junky ever since I went to Mexico back in May and the clasp on the back of it broke, which is why I’ve been accessorizing it with ever-so-classy blue tape.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Blackberry Bold—unfortunately AT&T has yet to make any sort of official announcement of a release date. And with all the 3G problems they’ve been having with the iPhone, I’m a bit hesitant to sign with them anyway.

In the last few days, a lot of tech blogs have been speculating that T-Mobile (my personal favorite carrier) will be making an official announcement for the HTC Dream—the first Android supported phone—late September with a release date purported to be around mid to late October. There still hasn’t been any official images released for the phone, though there have been some leaks and from what I see of the new Android operating system, I’m liking the look it. The phone shell could be a bit sleeker, but with an actual qwerty board and a touch screen I’m really starting to lean towards the Dream.

Then again, since I am a Mac girl … should I just bite the dust and buy the iPhone 3G?

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “a girl could dream

  1. it’s a toughy. the iphone is cool, but the service is expensive :( if you like tmobile, i think you should just wait for this dream phone, it sounds like you really want it, PLUS it’s with your favorite carrier. :)

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