I’ve been really tired recently. I’d like to blame it on the job but because it isn’t the most challenging position in the world, I really can’t.

I feel like I should stop going out so much, but it’s easier said than done in a city like New York, especially when there’s usually someone, somewhere enticing me with plans that sound much more fun than sitting at home.

I haven’t even finished my bartending classes (which would be easy to do so), because I’m too lazy to haul my butt over to New Jersey. Bah, I’m too much of a bum to even update my yelp. I’ve honestly started about 9 reviews in the last 2 weeks and didn’t finish any because I wanted to lie down instead. Hm… maybe that’s what I should do at work.

I think this is also stemming back to me missing my friends and family in California. I love New York, I just wish I could smush everything together. Yes, that would definitely make me a happy camper.

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