trabaho redux.

I am employed.

So here’s the breakdown of my day. I had my second “interview” today at ________ Inc., which apparently turned out to be just a meet and greet so the second interview was completely a formality. Crazily enough, yesterday evening, around 5pm-ish, the owner of a printing company (I interviewed for them about 3 weeks ago) called me and asked me to come in for a freelance gig. Considering the fact that he hasn’t called me since my interview (which honestly seems like a lifetime ago), I thought they had deemed me too inexperienced and not worth their time. Yet, about 10 minutes after I got uber excited about the second interview with ________ Inc., John called me.

Needless to say, I was extremely thrilled today. I honestly feel that today was my very first productive day in New York (despite the fact that I’ve kept busy by constantly applying for jobs, finding a new apartment, fixing & furnishing the new apartment, taking care of the old apartment, etc., etc.).

This may get boring but I’m going to layout exactly what I did today because it’s literally the first time I’ve had something to do all day without stopping to think ok, what can I take care of next?

06.00 – wake up, take a shower, fix hair, put on make up.

07.00 – make breakfast. Filipino garlic fried rice with scrambled eggs and toyo.

07.30 – get dressed.

08.00 – eat breakfast.

08.30 – leave for freelance gig.

09.00 – arrive at East Harlem for freelance gig. Create brochure.

12.30 – lunch date with Lara.

14.00 – meet & greet at ________, Inc in Flatiron. Get job offer (yay!).

15.00 – go to Crooklyn and drop off keys.

16.00 – drop off rent check.

16.30 – clean apartment.

17.00 – make dinner (Pho) for Lara and Kuya Jay.

17.30 – drink gin&tonics till I’m happy.

I know it seems like a normal day (at least it would have been for me 2 months ago) but today, I felt like I actually lived in New York.

And tomorrow, more freelancing. It’s nice to have something to do. Ahh… it really is great to feel like I LIVE here instead of feeling like I’m vacationing here. Haha.

I’m a bit drunk right now, so I don’t know if the above makes any sense. I know that it can’t possibly be grammatically correct, so hopefully you can translate through my ridiculous wordage.

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