trabaho redux.

I am employed.

So here’s the breakdown of my day. I had my second “interview” today at ________ Inc., which apparently turned out to be just a meet and greet so the second interview was completely a formality. Crazily enough, yesterday evening, around 5pm-ish, the owner of a printing company (I interviewed for them about 3 weeks ago) called me and asked me to come in for a freelance gig. Considering the fact that he hasn’t called me since my interview (which honestly seems like a lifetime ago), I thought they had deemed me too inexperienced and not worth their time. Yet, about 10 minutes after I got uber excited about the second interview with ________ Inc., John called me.

Needless to say, I was extremely thrilled today. I honestly feel that today was my very first productive day in New York (despite the fact that I’ve kept busy by constantly applying for jobs, finding a new apartment, fixing & furnishing the new apartment, taking care of the old apartment, etc., etc.).

This may get boring but I’m going to layout exactly what I did today because it’s literally the first time I’ve had something to do all day without stopping to think ok, what can I take care of next?

06.00 – wake up, take a shower, fix hair, put on make up.

07.00 – make breakfast. Filipino garlic fried rice with scrambled eggs and toyo.

07.30 – get dressed.

08.00 – eat breakfast.

08.30 – leave for freelance gig.

09.00 – arrive at East Harlem for freelance gig. Create brochure.

12.30 – lunch date with Lara.

14.00 – meet & greet at ________, Inc in Flatiron. Get job offer (yay!).

15.00 – go to Crooklyn and drop off keys.

16.00 – drop off rent check.

16.30 – clean apartment.

17.00 – make dinner (Pho) for Lara and Kuya Jay.

17.30 – drink gin&tonics till I’m happy.

I know it seems like a normal day (at least it would have been for me 2 months ago) but today, I felt like I actually lived in New York.

And tomorrow, more freelancing. It’s nice to have something to do. Ahh… it really is great to feel like I LIVE here instead of feeling like I’m vacationing here. Haha.

I’m a bit drunk right now, so I don’t know if the above makes any sense. I know that it can’t possibly be grammatically correct, so hopefully you can translate through my ridiculous wordage.



Oh & I almost forgot! I won two ebay bids yesterday:

The first is a Vintage 1978 Fisher Price Record Player. It’s a present for my nephew’s 6th birthday in September. I remember playing with these for HOURS growing up.

The second is a Vintage RCA Victor Model 7EMP2L Suitcase Record Player. This is a present … to myself. Haha. I can’t wait to fix it up so I can play my records. ♥


It’s been a while since I’ve had a lot to drink. The people I know in NY so far have not been able to hold a candle to my drinking buddies in SD. But last night … oh my gulay I don’t know what I was thinking. I met up with some old friends from Santa Cruz (Bradford and Brian) and their roommates at a bar in Williamsburg called the Lazy Catfish that surprisingly enough gives out free beer (I didn’t drink any of it since it was Bud Light … and I’m only down for that when I play beer pong).

Anyway, before meeting up with them I cooked dinner for my roommate and me (Chicken Adobo, delicioso), which was followed by 2 gin & tonics before heading out. Once I got to the bar I had another 2 gin & tonics (they only cost $2!!) and then we went to another place called the Alligator Lounge where I had ANOTHER gin & tonic (I know I’m getting ridiculous). This place was kind of cool since you got a pizza (not a slice, a whole freaking pizza) for every beer you ordered. At one point we moved on to yet another bar (at this point I can’t even remember names of places) and I bought 2 rounds of shots for my guy friends (which had dwindled down to just Bradford and Chris [his roommate] … apparently the rest couldn’t keep up with me). I think after the 2nd shot I finally told myself to just stop drinking, which thankfully I did because I don’t remember having my head in a toilet at all last night. I think we stopped by one more place, danced it a bit (which I just started to do and got most of bar dancing with me … there was no dance floor btw, haha) and then called it a night.

By the time I got home it was 4am. Not a bad way to spend your Tuesday I guess. I am a little sore and my head hurts a teensy bit (is this a mini-hangover?) so I’m definitely going to try to take it easy for the rest of the week. And besides, I have to watch my figure. Haha. One thing I’m seriously missing right now, is the morning after pho run with my friends. Seriously, best comfort / hangover food EVER. I really want some pho but Chinatown is just too freaking far right now.

* * *

In other news, I’m going to start bartending lessons. My cousin’s friend’s family owns a bartending school and he said he’d give me the classes for free. It starts on Saturday. The only downside to this seemingly perfect set up is that the school is in Red Bank, NJ. He says its only an hour long trip on the trains, but I also have to figure out how to get there without getting myself incredibly lost.

* * *

Oh and I haven’t received an offer yet from that job interview. BUT … I did have this waiting for me in my inbox this morning:

From: ________ Human Resources
To: Ena S.

RE: Marketing Assistant/ Graphic Designer (Flatiron)

Hi Ena,

It was nice to meet you last week. I’d like you to come in and meet a few more people in the office, if you’re interested. Do you have time tomorrow, maybe around 2pm?


That’s a good sign right?

sweet sauce.

I am feeling great today.

Last night I finally met up with one of my cousins (Kuya Jeff) around midnight at some bar near my place in the East Village. It was his friend’s birthday so I was able to meet some of his popples (they were all nice… but I’m pretty sure all really, really gay) and chat with him about what’s been going on with me, with him, etc., etc. It was mucho sweet sauce hanging out with him. He did make fun of me though when he was about to order my first drink. I asked for a Long Island and apparently that would classify me as a Bridge and Tunnel (meaning outsider) and that I should never, ever, EVER order a Long Island again. Whatever, I like gin & tonics better anyway.

So I got him all caught up on my life including the Jacob business which was great because he gave me some really great insight on dealing with an ex. He was with his ex for about 8 years before finally ending it, and so he definitely had some wise things to tell me. After the first bar, he walked me back to my place and along the way pointed out all the cool restaurants and bars I should try (apparently, he lived about a block from where I live now).

Before he dropped me off at my stoop, he took me to this really cool speak easy (which isn’t really a speak easy because everyone knows about it) called PDT (Please Don’t Tell) which is hidden inside this hot dog place. You literally walk into this hole-in-the-wall hot dog joint, and into a telephone booth and dial some button to talk to the receptionist who lets you in if they have room (apparently, you usually need a reservation). Since it was 1:30am we were let in immediately. My drink was pretty awesome and I think I’ll have to make a stop over at the place again sometime in the near future. Jeff thinks I should make nice with the Asian bartender so I can always get in and maybe score some free drinks, haha.

But hanging out with him in general was really fun. Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant to hang out with him. There was a reason why I hadn’t called my cousins as soon as I got out here. I mean, I was never really close with them and figured it would be awkward hanging out, but it wasn’t which is really great. I’m actually going over to their place in Brooklyn on Sunday to cook them dinner. Hopefully, I won’t poison them so they’ll still want to hang out with me, haha.

* * *

In other news, I have a job interview tomorrow morning at 9am (yay, for actually having a reason to get up in the morning). It’s with a construction firm based in Flatiron, NY and the position will be within their marketing department. The job open is for a Marketing Assistant (the job details are sort of similar to what I did for the Bookstore). It has full benefits and would pay in the low 30s. Not ideal, but hey, at least it’s a job. If I get it, I’ll fill you guys in on all the details. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

K… gotta shower. Love love love.


I went over to my friend’s place last night to watch (apparently) the best three episodes of Battlestar Galactica ever. And I have to say it was AMAZING. Took me on a roller coaster of emotions.

Seriously, for a person who usually hates sci-fi, this show ROCKS. Watch it … NOW!

FYI, the best three episodes are in season two, episodes ten through twelve.

wannabe wicked.

I’ve always told everyone that singing runs in my family. Here’s proof:

Lorelei singing For Good

It’s a video of my sister at the semi-final round of Wannabe Wicked–a competition that she is currently a finalist for. If she wins the finals, she will have a walk-on role at the Pantages Theatre in an actual Wicked show. Crazy stuff, mang!