I just reread some of the entries from my blog archive. I put it on hiatus a year ago, but I’m thinking of bringing it back. Or at least starting up my old website again. It’s weird to go to it and see some weird advertisement of a blond girl smiling back at me.

This one made me laugh. It’s dated 07 May 2002. A little over a month before Jacob and I started dating:

jeez… my grandma thinks i’m in love. she said so at dinner. i asked why and she says it’s because i seem happy; you know, smiling, laughing, singing… i was thinking a lot about her comment last night as i drifted off, and i started to wonder why she connected happiness to love or being in love.

what is love, or being in love? the media says it’s being weak in the knees, going from being a whole person to half-of-a-couple, passion, sex, heart-wrenching kisses and living happily ever after. i say that love is the ability to hurt someone, but it’s also the ability to comfort. love is arguing, but surpassing trivial circumstances. love is walks in the rain, late-night talks, and comfort in silence. love is NOT possession, but it is unconditional…

so am i in love? no, but i hope i will be someday. i know it’s cliche but, “a life without love, is no life at all.”

… I know I’m goofy now, but dang, I was such a sap back then.

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