You know, sometimes I wish people would just be more upfront with me.  I’d much rather be upset because of things that were said, than obsessing and worrying over things that are left unsaid.

I’m still not done with my project which is due in less than 12 hours.  It’s currently half done and I’ll probably post pictures of it later.

I’m mainly doing this to procrastinate some more before I take a nap (since even sleeping takes effort these days [how sad is that, by the way?!]) but here’s a short list of little known facts about me:

Everyone pre-2003 calls me Nicole.
I have uneven ribs.
My hair is naturally wavy, not straight.
I’m a very good liar.
I’m a really shy person.
I am terrified of heights.
When I was a child, people used to mistake me for a boy.

That’s it for now.  Nap time till 4:30am.  Paalam.


the final hurdle.

My brain is kind of going into dead mode now, but I’m almost over the final hurdle.

I stayed up all night doing my two films (one is a documentary on the Master Cleanse Detox and the other is a sound piece on the Tritones <3).  I got zero sleep and went to the crits from 8am-1:40pm.  By the time I got home I was uber exhausted but I still had to go buy supplies for my OTHER projects and do some work for I House.

I’m working on a final project right now which consists of people anonymously telling me secrets (things they just want to let go of … funny things … serious things, etc.).  The project is much like the Post Secret project (, except I’m making a box and placing it in a certain area where people can anonymously drop in their secrets whenever they wish.

That’s about it.  Sorry I’m not very interesting. ;o)